Manual Vs Automatic Ways to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

For migrating Lotus Notes to cloud platform, there are several manual & automatic approaches. But among all, only a Self-automated Migration Methods is considered as the most adopted by professionals. So, have a look of two different approaches & determine which one is more convenient approach.

Reasons for Switching the Platform:

  • To enhance the security standards
  • Rapidly rising cost to store data and maintenance in on-premises
  • Need of large mailbox storage data
  • Security of emails from internet hackers
  • Shifting of the company office into other city or state

And for such demands user quests about for how to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 user accounts.

A Globally Recognized & Standard Solution for Migration:

Use Mail Migration Office 365 Application for moving entire Enterprise wide content from Lotus Notes based industries. It avails a 100% secure Bridge to speedily move user’s data from NSF files as well as Domino mailboxes in Bulk.

Read Product Info:

Popular ‘Manual Approaches’ for transferring data are as follows:

  1. Hybrid Method & Coexistence Method: Both the hybrid and coexistence deployment cannot transfer items perfectly. In this user has to first convert NSF data to Exchange server than only by using the above two stated method can move content into Office 365 user account.
  2. IMAP Method: IMAP method has its own sorts of limitation this method only transfer the online data of Lotus Notes IMAP into Microsoft Office 365 cloud based platform. The only emails data of it can be transferred and upto only 1GB by using a IMAP connector tool. For sending mails of email client through IMAP it also need to apply specific filters thus it is also a complex and expensive method.

Why Automatic Methods are Considered Better, See a Quick Comparison:

Manual method is now losing its limelight as the IT leader is giving more attention towards automatic method. When decided to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 two methods for data transition comes in mind out of two automatic methods are mostly considered.

  • Manual process does not support direct data shifting it is a complex method for moving data while in automatic method data is moved directly just one single click no complexities associated with this.
  • Manual process consumes large amount of time as it is intricate to use while automatic method is very easy to use & take no time to move data.
  • The shortcoming like complexity, speed and time makes this process impractical when it comes to move large number of mailboxes of an organization while automatic process is totally opposite of this and gives excellent result for large-scale data transition as compare to manual method.
  • There is a possibility of losing data with manual method but automatic method is more secure and safe.

Both the methods for migrating IBM Lotus Notes Content into Microsoft Office 365 cloud are totally different from each other because of the above stated reasons.

Automatic migrations are becoming popular as it moves data with full speed, security, and accuracy. Therefore automate the entire data-uploading process by using the suitable software (as mentioned above) that trouble-freely perform Lotus Notes to cloud migration.

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