Excellent Migration of Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365 via Simple Application

Importance of Emails during Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Previously most of the organizations working on Lotus Notes infrastructure are now migrating Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 cloud environment. As handling Lotus Notes is very complex and very expensive and Microsoft Office 365 provides security, flexibility, disaster management, cost effectiveness and high-availability of the software and programs. Microsoft office 365 is the latest cloud computing technology on subscription bases that offers to access emails, contact, calendar and other data on subscription bases. Thus on-premise Lotus Notes users are looking to migrate toward Office 365 and access mails and other content on cloud environment. Access emails via Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool.

Emails played a very important role for business growth as it can be send and receive globally. Now traditional marketing is taken over by digital marketing and emails’ marketing is the top technique for marketing enterprise’ products and services. Companies with Lotus Notes infrastructure are migrating Lotus Notes emails to Office 365.Following are the points which focus on how it is beneficial for business growth.

  • Collect and Send Data Easily: Collect and distribute companies’ confidential data within employees with full safety and accuracy.
  • Spread Services and Name Globally: Communication via emails will widen the range to reach more needy costumers or employers that need that particular service.
  • Build Healthy Relationship: Generate healthy relationship with clients by scheduled communication via emails and acknowledging then about product update.

In present era mostly business are running on mails, receiving and sending of enterprise crucial data to employers and clients through emails are more secure than transferring hardcopy of data. Emails related to project can be transferred in one click directly as a document type. Information securely transfers to the entire project team without any loss and insecurity of data. When a quick response is needed emails are considered to send because it usually arrives with in a minute as compare to traditional post it takes more time.

Advantage of Migration of Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365

  • Access the previous Lotus Notes emails in Office 365 user accounts and persist successful communication without any clutter.
  • Access on-premises Lotus Notes emails with ease from anywhere in Office 365 accounts
  • Office 365 offered to avail numbers of other services like Lync, Skype etc

Two method can be use to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

1-      Manual Migration

2-      Automatic Migration

But emails migration cannot be completed manually as it will be very intricate and also time consuming. Thus automatic migration will be effective and efficient hence automatic migration can be done by Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool. This tool will transfer the entire data of Lotus Notes including mails, contact, calendar and task. This tool will also migrate single NSF files to Office 365 accounts no need to install Lotus Notes and Domino Servers. After Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 migration experience an improved emailing platform.

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