Manual Vs Automatic Ways to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

For migrating Lotus Notes to cloud platform, there are several manual & automatic approaches. But among all, only a Self-automated Migration Methods is considered as the most adopted by professionals. So, have a look of two different approaches & determine which one is more convenient approach.

Reasons for Switching the Platform:

  • To enhance the security standards
  • Rapidly rising cost to store data and maintenance in on-premises
  • Need of large mailbox storage data
  • Security of emails from internet hackers
  • Shifting of the company office into other city or state

And for such demands user quests about for how to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 user accounts.

A Globally Recognized & Standard Solution for Migration:

Use Mail Migration Office 365 Application for moving entire Enterprise wide content from Lotus Notes based industries. It avails a 100% secure Bridge to speedily move user’s data from NSF files as well as Domino mailboxes in Bulk.

Read Product Info:

Popular ‘Manual Approaches’ for transferring data are as follows:

  1. Hybrid Method & Coexistence Method: Both the hybrid and coexistence deployment cannot transfer items perfectly. In this user has to first convert NSF data to Exchange server than only by using the above two stated method can move content into Office 365 user account.
  2. IMAP Method: IMAP method has its own sorts of limitation this method only transfer the online data of Lotus Notes IMAP into Microsoft Office 365 cloud based platform. The only emails data of it can be transferred and upto only 1GB by using a IMAP connector tool. For sending mails of email client through IMAP it also need to apply specific filters thus it is also a complex and expensive method.

Why Automatic Methods are Considered Better, See a Quick Comparison:

Manual method is now losing its limelight as the IT leader is giving more attention towards automatic method. When decided to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 two methods for data transition comes in mind out of two automatic methods are mostly considered.

  • Manual process does not support direct data shifting it is a complex method for moving data while in automatic method data is moved directly just one single click no complexities associated with this.
  • Manual process consumes large amount of time as it is intricate to use while automatic method is very easy to use & take no time to move data.
  • The shortcoming like complexity, speed and time makes this process impractical when it comes to move large number of mailboxes of an organization while automatic process is totally opposite of this and gives excellent result for large-scale data transition as compare to manual method.
  • There is a possibility of losing data with manual method but automatic method is more secure and safe.

Both the methods for migrating IBM Lotus Notes Content into Microsoft Office 365 cloud are totally different from each other because of the above stated reasons.

Automatic migrations are becoming popular as it moves data with full speed, security, and accuracy. Therefore automate the entire data-uploading process by using the suitable software (as mentioned above) that trouble-freely perform Lotus Notes to cloud migration.

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Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 with Complete Safety & More Speed

To stay updated with latest technologies makes it necessary to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365. Thus because of this business reason, use exchange mailbox migration tool to transfer local data to Office 365 accounts. This tool will help to exports data from on-premises mailing service to cloud based Microsoft service.

Thinking to move existing on-premise data to a newer version of server for whatever business reason.Well, it will be better to transfer Exchange mailboxes into Office 365 as it is an interesting solution and opted by many IT professional as it give more justified result although up-gradation will be highly expensive for business. Office 365 is the newest technology and it is cost effective it offers many services on pay-per-use bases with its complete suite.

Choose Correct Way to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365

For complete relocation of data from local platform to cloud based platform with in small time period, use quality & technically advance Exchange Data Migration tool. User must need to know the crucial aspects during exportation of data towards cloud platform for business justifications. And also the way for how to make move from Exchange mailbox to Office 365. Given below are the crucial aspects for transferring data to new environment & the application satisfies all.

  • Switch Data in Less Time: Relocation must be completed in less time period thus no further inconvenience face by the users.
  • Complete Relocation in Bulk: The entire data must be move in bulk as massive move is important for the enterprises that are having data in bulk.
  • Export Data Safely: Safer relocation without any break and loss of data in between. Data must need to secure and with no clutter it needs to be transfer in Office 365 accounts.

To fulfill above mention crucial aspects implement the application as manual transferring by any method (staged, cut-over or hybrid) cannot do what exactly user want. Thus migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365 by automating the entire process to be completed in single click.

Move to new Microsoft cloud based environment adapt the subscription based service that offers flexibility, no maintenance is required, Recovery from disaster, highly productive.

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Excellent Migration of Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365 via Simple Application

Importance of Emails during Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Previously most of the organizations working on Lotus Notes infrastructure are now migrating Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 cloud environment. As handling Lotus Notes is very complex and very expensive and Microsoft Office 365 provides security, flexibility, disaster management, cost effectiveness and high-availability of the software and programs. Microsoft office 365 is the latest cloud computing technology on subscription bases that offers to access emails, contact, calendar and other data on subscription bases. Thus on-premise Lotus Notes users are looking to migrate toward Office 365 and access mails and other content on cloud environment. Access emails via Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool.

Emails played a very important role for business growth as it can be send and receive globally. Now traditional marketing is taken over by digital marketing and emails’ marketing is the top technique for marketing enterprise’ products and services. Companies with Lotus Notes infrastructure are migrating Lotus Notes emails to Office 365.Following are the points which focus on how it is beneficial for business growth.

  • Collect and Send Data Easily: Collect and distribute companies’ confidential data within employees with full safety and accuracy.
  • Spread Services and Name Globally: Communication via emails will widen the range to reach more needy costumers or employers that need that particular service.
  • Build Healthy Relationship: Generate healthy relationship with clients by scheduled communication via emails and acknowledging then about product update.

In present era mostly business are running on mails, receiving and sending of enterprise crucial data to employers and clients through emails are more secure than transferring hardcopy of data. Emails related to project can be transferred in one click directly as a document type. Information securely transfers to the entire project team without any loss and insecurity of data. When a quick response is needed emails are considered to send because it usually arrives with in a minute as compare to traditional post it takes more time.

Advantage of Migration of Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365

  • Access the previous Lotus Notes emails in Office 365 user accounts and persist successful communication without any clutter.
  • Access on-premises Lotus Notes emails with ease from anywhere in Office 365 accounts
  • Office 365 offered to avail numbers of other services like Lync, Skype etc

Two method can be use to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

1-      Manual Migration

2-      Automatic Migration

But emails migration cannot be completed manually as it will be very intricate and also time consuming. Thus automatic migration will be effective and efficient hence automatic migration can be done by Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool. This tool will transfer the entire data of Lotus Notes including mails, contact, calendar and task. This tool will also migrate single NSF files to Office 365 accounts no need to install Lotus Notes and Domino Servers. After Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 migration experience an improved emailing platform.

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Judge Right Tool for Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration and Slim-down Stress

As many IT leaders are supporting legacy Lotus Notes and Domino Server application and the dream gateway this Week is a stress reducing Christmas Eve celebration. With plan to celebrate eve you also have to get back to your office next day, while you gone out, a lot of work need to be underway which have to be done before reaching office and for this it desires to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. Now the question is how you will move from on-premise to off-premises to access your email, calendars and other content that you need. So, the answer to your question is here, that how to perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration. What do you need to consider? And how much security and benefits you gain after migration.

Get product details:- )

Secure Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration

Luckily, the solution for secure and beneficial migration is here, as I heard about it and employ this solution last week and experience some incredible result. The solution which I used was Mail Migration Office 365 that will surely help you to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 and as well as Domino Sever mailbox Office 365 just with in some simple steps.

Here are some highlights of product:-

Why you need Lotus Notes migration: To produce innovation, improve collaboration, simplify user experience and lowers operational cost and investments.

Avoid dilemma reaching glory with cloud service: Reach your Lotus Notes and Domino Server mailbox in Office 365 without any inconvenience. Learn about the migrating process and other information for how to perform migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 by exploring device.

What benefits users’ experience: During journey of Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration the user will experience to move its entire content of NSF(s) and mailbox to office 365. The content like emails, calendar, task and contact you can even allow HTML formatting and Doc links during migration. This will also preview you current and complete status of migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365.

Depart from legacy Lotus Notes: Explore via search engine to migrate Lotus Notes and Domino Server to cloud or directly choose Mail Migration Office 365 that ensures you to completely send all data of NSF file(s) and mailbox to cloud based Office 365. By migrating we can access the data any where any time, it will also reduce investment, no management is required, it provide flexibility, no free disk space require and more features.

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